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Amrita, Soma, Ambrosia, Nectar, Elixir - Personal Experiences

(Click here to read a blog entry on the Kechari Mudra or here on Soma Rasa)

There is internal experiential evidence (corroborated by people with similar experiences) that our physical and subtle energy body contains five  major chakras that can be represented by colourful circular patterns.
In addition there is internal experiential evidence that we also have two major chakras that are localized in and around our head and which originate in and/or from the brain.

The seven main chakras
Nepal, 17th Century

Crown Chakra
(drawing by Kelly C. Anderson)

As this entry deals with some of my own intimate, internal experiences, I trust that you will see the information provided in its proper context and light.
I have been able to make 'myself' so tiny (imagine a form of internal astral travel) that it enabled me to travel through my central spinal canal and the organs and glands inside my head, to observe the presence of these chakras in all their glorious vibrational colors with patterns that very much resemble the illustrations in C.W. Leadbeater's book "The Chakras".

To help you understand the descriptions that I will offer here, see if you can follow me with the help of some simple and initially quite ordinary visualizations.

To start off with, imagine having one of those long thin balloons that clowns use to make animals out of.  Take one of those balloons and blow it up like a tube but with a large more expanded top part. When done, hold it up vertically like a snake raising its head, bobbing a bit.
(See the second illustration in the picture below.)

Now picture that this tube has the flexible curvature of a healthy, well maintained human spine.

Imagine that gentle gyrating movements of your pelvis (following a three dimensional path) activate a syringe that inserts a clear liquid substance into in your tailbone area, injecting the slender tube-like structure of your spinal chord.
(The balloon would explode of course, but... your spinal canal won’t.)

Now visualize that your spine's gyrating movements act as a kind of internal pumping mechanism in the spinal canal.
Suppose that these movements pump and circulate that clear viscous fluid (where this substance comes from will be explained a little later) into and through the already present cerebro-spinal-fluid (CSF) in the central spinal canal and meningeal structures of the spinal cord and the brain.

The whirlings or vortices resulting from this inflow and mixing of fluids create multidimensional interference patterns that vibrate in an upwards direction through the tube. (Illustration four in the picture below.)
 Illustrations 1 through 5

Where this begins (at the very bottom of the spine) colors can clairvoyantly be observed: usually magenta/red, the assigned colors of the Coccyx and Root chakras. (As well, energetic vibrations can be heard internally as a low hum: the lowest C of the western musical scale that we as humans can be internally aware of: the sound OM.)

This clear liquid in men and women may well be part of their male or female ejaculate, which, when could possibly become a glandular excretion that does not get ejaculated outside the body but  processed (as though injected) as described above.

When semen is held warm in the testicles, living sperm may not develop and part of the remaining fluid may play a role in 'urdhva reta' - a Sanskrit term for the upward movement through the spine of generative related fluids. There is no reason to assume that 'urdhva reta' does not occur in women, I suggest that the clitoris is also involved.

Back to our visualization now.
(Please see the second and third illustration in the picture above.)
While this, let me call it, "earth energy", moves up our slender spinal balloon, it is first claivoyantly sensed as magenta/red energy, then as orange, then as yellow.
At the same time, but now from the top down, through our fontanels (or at least where they used to be when we were still a baby), ultraviolet energy, let me call it "sun or universal energy" is being sucked in, which then turns violet, then indigo and then blue as the energy slow down in its vibrations.

These two up-and-down flows of coarser and subtler energies mix and interfere with each-other in a multidimensional way, forming those special interference patterns like the ones that Leadbeater so well depicts. Five of those patterns stand out as more harmonious, they are the lower 5 chakras (6 when the Coccyx chakra is included).
The Heart chakra, where the two flows meet and balance each other out, is sensed as green... Of course! It is the mix of blue and yellow, the color of our green nature. (chlorophyll, photosynthesis)

To get the right picture about the chakra locations and their mix of colors as seen inside the tube (remember I made myself so very tiny in order to see that), you have to visualize them as horizontal trans-sections within that colors/vibrations filled spinal tube.

Maybe all this can also be described in terms of a musical instrument, an organ pipe or one of those Tibetan horns, as internal sounds can also be clearly discernible.

When compared to the chakras that originate from or in the spine, the Brow chakra is of a different kind. Its usually assigned two large petals, not only represent the two sides of the brain, they also represent the two lobes of the pituitary body to which this chakra is directly connected. Thus, this chakra not only represents the two sides of the brain in a left /right manner, but also the pituitary gland in a front/back arrangement.
One spot particularly, at the bottom centre of the cranial base just above the uvula at the rear of the soft palate (just where the ''sella turcica'' is, inside which sits the pituitary gland) is the location of ''the nectar drop''.
When the supply of cerebro-spinal fluid exceeds the volume of the cerebro-spinal canal, the ventricles of the brain and the meningeal structures, it seeps out and bathes the nerves, resulting in the experience of an intense sense physical/spiritual bliss. 

Animated view of the flow of bliss
The flow is related to Cerebro-Spinal Fluid or Amrita.

Source: http://www.healtouch.com/csft/csf.html

When the supply is even more than that, small drops of this liquid come down the back of the throat: amrita, soma, ambrosia, nectar, elixir... what is sometimes called the ''food of the gods''.
This process is also mentioned in the ''Hatha Yoga Pradipika'' an ancient scripture on yoga.
(Click here to read the section on Kechari Mudra and Soma Rasa, slokas 48-50)
(By the way, the tongue procedure with the Kechari Mudra is not necessary.)
The pineal gland is the physical recipient of the full force of the solar, divine, spiritual, inner and outer light and energy and as such is not a chakra in the traditional sense, more on this elsewhere.

Now what about the chakras as felt at the front of the body?
(Please see the first, fourth and fifth illustration in the illustration above.)
Again Leadbeater has given us the right depiction with his treatment of nervous plexi. This man was truly amazing (if somewhat odd later on in life). The word solar "plexus" says it so well.
What we feel in the frontal chakric areas are indeed complex networks of nerves and nerve ends as they emanate from the spinal column at exactly the same locations as where the above described chakric trans-sections and their harmonious interference patterns are located.

A vision by Hildegard of Bingen  1098 - 1179 AD

What I feel now in 2010 (this article was written in 1999 when I was just about completing my own Kundalini process) is a totally glorious body/soul unit. A, so to say, ''one-grand-chakra'' entity, I experience myself very much as a being as depicted by Hildegard of Bingen's visions and pictures: sometimes like that blue person, sometimes like that egg-shaped universe with all its glorious radiation... Nectar totally, and continuously.

A vision by Hildegard of Bingen

A vision by Hildegard of Bingen

Recommended reading:
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Click here for her web page on Amrita.


sfauthor said...

Nice blog. Do you know about these kundalini books?


Wim Borsboom said...

Yes I do.
Although, I read them in older translations.
The texts on Kechari Mudra in the Gheranda Samhita, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Yoni Mudra description in the Shiva Samhita are very familiar to me as the flow and bliss of amrita (soma, nectar) happened (and still happens) to me spontaneously (of course with plenty of silence and meditation). For me I did not have to do anything with my tongue. The effects of the Yoni Mudra are also spontaneous.
The photographs in the versions you are mentioning are very tasteful.
Do write me more about yourself. How are you involved?


another 1 said...

Namaste Wim,

Thanks for your blog which I found while searching for info on nectar.

I must be near the end of my K process (which began spontaneously 35 years ago when I was a teenager). A lifetime of Yoga later, I'm experiencing amrita 24/7 for a couple of months now. My inner experiences have changed quite a bit since the nectar experience became constant and I'm looking for clues about what other changes may be ahead for me.

Wim Borsboom said...

Thank you for commenting!
People with the Amrita/Nectar experience do not seem to talk about it, probably as there are few people to understand it, or perhaps there are few people with the experience...
I would appreciate it very much if you would email me,


We could talk about the reduced need to eat, for example - not for the sake of "fasting" but just because with the nectar flow eating and drinking is less needed.


nik said...

I have 2 years of kundalini rising experience. I am glad you mentioned reduced need to eat. I wonder to what extent amrita can substitute food and drink... I was used to control prana rising and amrita backflow just by imagination but stopped doing it due to slowed digestion and fear of unknown consequences. With stomach full of amrita light I was not hungry but cannot get rid of my habit to eat regularly. Since then I guessed I´d better go into jnana yoga.
Btw - also found that in fact, a kechari is trigger slowing down the digestion process.
Can you tell me if you kept fasting (no in sense of this word) while relying upon amrita as to body nourishment? Thank you, Dominik, Czech republic.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wim
reading your article on K process and thinking how to speed up my process of K yoga so that I too experience these divine experiences.

Wim Borsboom said...

Nik said:
"I am glad you mentioned reduced need to eat. I wonder to what extent amrita can substitute food and drink [...]
Can you tell me if you kept fasting (not in penance sense of this word) while relying upon amrita as to body nourishment?"

Hi Dominik, whenever I am by myself for any number of days I don't eat or even drink, the amrita flow is recycling continuously. It is also continuous when I am with people, but I find it more "normal" when I am with people to be just "normal" so I participate eating and drinking. I see it as celebration of togetherness. I don't make it a big thing, no need for myth forming...

Anonymous said...

Hi Wim,

Thanks a lot for the great information.
I believe I am having the amrita experience myself and I wanted to get your opinion on a couple of things.

I feel this liquid rising but it creates a lot of pressure in my body. Do you think it has to do anything with the chakras? I am planning to work a bit more on the chakras to open them wide.

I am a smoker, do you think smoking stops the flow of amrita?


Wim Borsboom said...


You wrote: "I feel this liquid rising but it creates a lot of pressure in my body. Do you think it has to do anything with the chakras?"

Yes, very well possible, make sure you move a lot... that is the purpose of yoga exercises, also yawning and stretching together,(I have videos on this site) dancing, swimming is also good.

You also asked. "I am a smoker, do you think smoking stops the flow of amrita?"

I does not, but it is of cour... well you know what I was going to say... :)

Interestingly, once the flow is established and gentle, even in depressed states it does not stop, which is of great help...

Anonymous said...

Hi Wim,

Thanks for your reply above.

I have been retaining semen for the last 20 days and the situation has become quite tough. The amrita flow has increased a lot, the pressure in my head is increasing and of course it's opening new things all over my body and I am releasing a lot of energy.

I have read that it's ok to release the semen once or twice a month. Do you think this is ok or is it a fall back.
I was thinking to release it so I can have some easier days.

Thanks again,

Wim Borsboom said...

Hi Eddie,

You wrote:

"I have read that it's ok to release the semen once or twice a month. Do you think this is ok or is it a fall back."

That is very OK, nothing to do with a fall-back (gosh no :).

In fact at some point amrita flow is fully independent of semen release.

Actually it is always independent... "Urdhva reta" is just one of the 'methods' to get into a physical state of bodily and emotionally felt unconditional love. Anything that helps a person to regain the integrated state of unconditional, physically and emotionally felt love will have amrita flow...
It has nothing to do - in spite of all the literature that says so - with semen. Some of the women I know have also amrita flow.

Amrita flow has to do with an abundant (and healthy!) production of cerebro-spinal fluid. I have written about the dynamics of it in http://thekundaliniprocess.blogspot.com/2009/11/updated-view-of-chakras.html section 6.3 and 6.4

SUNNY said...

Dear Wim ,
Your videos on yawning exercises for chakras are very useful , indeed we do these unknowingly but not in proper way .

On spilling of semen :-
I am from India and spilling of semen is prohibited in hindu old scriptures except for regeneration and it is also confirmed and supported by Master Samael aun weor in Sexual Magic and hindu guru Swami Shivananda .

SUNNY said...

Dear Wim ,
Your videos on yawning exercises for chakras are very useful , indeed we do these unknowingly but not in proper way .

On spilling of semen :-
I am from India and spilling of semen is prohibited in hindu old scriptures except for regeneration and it is also confirmed and supported by Master Samael aun weor in Sexual Magic and hindu guru Swami Shivananda .

Wim Borsboom said...

Spilling of semen should be a natural event... as in nocturnal release or even wet dreams ;) , however there is no valid moral reason against intended release of ejaculate... If there appear to be moral reasons they are more dictated by culture than by nature.
A previous commenter mentioned it would help to lower the pressure in his head... that is indeed so based on other reports from many Kundalini practitioners. How that is with women, I cannot say, but I know of some women who are bothered by cranial pressure.. I welcome their comments... At least there is no "spilling" - no 'going to waste' so to speak...

SUNNY said...

Nature wants semen of man and juices of women to flow out for regeneration but there is some higher purpose in non ejaculation and transmuting sexual energy to higher chakras to activate them .

Wim Borsboom said...

Of course... urdhva reta... What the physical mechanics are of this "transmuting" is a matter of speculation, as physics and spirituality don't meet on this topic.
Mind you, celibacy is NOT a pre-requisite for Kundalini Rising.
Please do take any puritan moral notions out of this discussion...
As you might know, India's rich and varied tradition has offered multiple disciplines to "reach higher states of being"... it also has an unfortunate tradition of feuding between the various disciplines.
It serves no purpose to discuss what and which is the "best", in the first place because that type of discussion prevents one from practice, and secondly, it prevents or postpones finding one' own unique way to return to or reclaim one's original human/divine existential and essential presence.
Almost every human being, at birth or very shortly after birth was made to seemingly lose that initial individual human/divine reality... depending on how that individual seeming loss was brought about, the way of reclamation varies... it is unique to each person.
The function of an effective guru is to help his/her 'followers' to find their own unique way of resolution and reclamation.

Anonymous said...

Give me meditation technique for amrita ecstasy feeling please. I wanna be in state of ecstasy 24/7. :). Thank you

Wim Borsboom said...

First... Clean up your normal day to day life...
No anger
No wishes
No regrets
No desires
No chips on your shoulder
No hidden negative tendencies
Be totally grounded
No illusions
No delusions
No beliefs of any kind
Be realistic
Be matter of fact
No dualism

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the quick response. I am already pretty spiritual, i have had a moment of oneness, what people call enlightenment ( ego death). So im already pretty 'clean' spiritually. Im more advanced than most people. I am just interested in the 'secret' techniques that give you ecstasy :p. I have no excessive thoughts, no mood swings, no material desries, I am just interested in the spiritual pretty much... Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Did you read my comment Wim? :)

Wim Borsboom said...

Yes, call be by phone in India 01191 70395 16864... Or visit me... Ask for address as I am travelling