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The Kechari Mudra

The Kechari Mudra - natural or artificial *
The Kechari Mudra can set-off immense spiritual / physical bliss
It is described in one of the earliest Vedic writings.
This mudra was (and still are) traditionally practiced by the original yogis.

As distinct from the artificial application of the Kechari Mudra, what happens during its natural occurrence is not only that the tongue reaches behind the uvula and above the soft palate or roof of the mouth**,  but that it can do so because the soft palate can retract on its own, thus enabling the tongue to naturally curl back upwards in order to reach up to the bottom of the base of the skull at the location of the sella turcica.
In the natural form of the Kechari Mudra the soft palate spontaneously 'pulls in' or retracts in a physical manner for a short period of time (from seconds to hours) thereby making the space (Sanskrit 'akasha') above the soft palate accessible to the tongue.
When that happens, the tongue then tends to want to touch, vibrate or lightly massage the bottom of the bony support of the brain. The resulting vibration, which also can be brought about (although more lightly) by snoring, humming, Tibetan chanting, singing, sounding the AUM mantra and sounds made during sexual intercourse can lead towards experience of:
  • Ecstasy,
  • Orgasmic feelings in the upper part of the body and head,
  • Exalted rapture,
  • Fully integrated physical, erotic, volitional, emotional, expressive, inspirational, conscious human/divine bliss,
  • Conscious participation in human-divine reality and human-divine activities,
  • Acute awareness of the immortality of one's being,
  • The experience of human-divine glory.
The application of Kechari Mudra as described in Hatha Yoga Pradipika (chapter III, sloka 32 - 53) is an artificial (but effective) way to bring this about by gently and over time severing some tissue underneath the tongue in order to enable the tongue to reach behind and above the soft palate and to bring about results that are nearly identical to the experience of amrita and rapture (the experience of immortality and highly ecstatic states) that come with the natural Kechari Mudra.
There are some challenges with the 'forced' Kechari Mudra: one can come close to suffocation, fall into a state of mortal fear and... there might be manipulative tendencies involved that can lead to 'self-absorption' and 'exclusivity at the cost of others'.
The natural Kechari Mudra is, if one can say so, unconditional, it flows from or goes hand-in-hand with unconditional love. The forced version is more masturbative. ("Not that there is anything wrong with that!" ~ Seinfeld)

When the Kechari Mudra is brought about naturally, there are no dangers. So far I know of four people, including myself, who have experienced the Kechari Mudra in this natural way. I believe that there must be quite a number of people who could be ready for this***.

After Kechari Mudra experiences, which may happen just once or more often (there is no great significance as to the quantity of occurrences), bliss eventually becomes irreversible, as a physical change is taking place in the integrated human being.

The Kechari Mudra and Samadhi

Part of the dynamic of the Kechari Mudra is that the spine, pelvis and shoulders will curve and move differently, almost always in a gentle curvy/wavy motion, and one's muscles and nerves seem to be breathing. The nerves feel very vibrant and 'candy-taste' like.
Sexual intercourse may be less sought after or, if one wants to maintain it, it will take on an enhanced functionality leading into the various different levels of samadhi with... one's partner.

By the way, samadhi states can of course also be brought about by practicing advanced meditation, yoga and tantric techniques. I suppose what we have here is a total integrated human/divine love, at once from the most gross and physical to the most subtle and spiritual realities.

The Human Aura, the Kechari Mudra and the Uddiyana Bandha

The aura (the subtle energy field that surrounds the human body) is very much affected by the effects Kechari Mudra, as 'blobs' (so to speak) of the auric energy field part themselves off like parts of a flame, (similar to how flames can part themselves off from a burning fire) and are emanated into subtle energetic realms of possibly higher dimensional extensions. In myself this creates a sensation as though angelic or soul-like entities are produced. If that sounds far-fetched, just bear with me. Traditional Hatha Yoga literature (all too often unfortunately poorly translated and understood) I believe, describes this when it deals with the Uddiyana Bandha (Hatha Yoga Pradipika chapter III, sloka 54-59). In Tibet there were monasteries specializing in the 'creation of souls' through these techniques.
(If I won't be ridiculed I will write more about this, but it is possibly a sensitive issue to some. Hint! It has to do with the conception of children, the embodied soul or 'en-souled body', the male and female role in the conception of a human being. There is more to the sperm and the ovum than meets the eye!!!)

Kechari Mudra and Nectar, Soma or Amrita

Something else that can result from the Kechari Mudra experience (but this can be effected by different dynamics as well) is the production and flow of nectar (soma, amrita, ambrosia, elixir) in the oral/nasal cavities.

There is very little physical separation between the third ventricle in the brain and the space (akasha) below it. In fact, when there is enough cerebro-spinal-fluid (CSF) pressure built up in the spinal canal, the meninges and the other ventricles (by the way, these ventricles are not the same as the nasal cavities) some of this CSF will eventually drip through an aperture from the third ventricle into the back of the mouth cavity often onto the back of the tongue that, and when swallowed, it produces a sense of sweetness.

An animated view of the flow of bliss
This flow is related to Cerebro-Spinal Fluid or Amrita.
Source: http://www.healtouch.com/csft/csf.html

This liquid sweetness is called soma, amrita, ambrosia, nectar, elixir, food of the gods, etc.
Not everybody though who experiences this sweetness, senses the nectar drop, those who do  experience a light drip of a phlegm like liquid substance. (It is often mistakenly diagnosed as a post-nasal drip or just phlegm without cold symptoms.)
The nectar flow usually results from a perfectly well aligned spine, when the hips, pelvis, shoulders and shoulder blades are moving, undulating and rotating unhindered and... a healthy, very loving life.
(In my experience and that of three other people I know (one female), sexual fluids take on a different role in the functioning of the male and female body.)

* This segment is an edited version of a discussion-group contribution from January 2000.
** Some yoga teachers and martial arts masters (e.g. Mantak Chia) direct their students into that direction.
*** A useful link.


Unknown said...


Nice article. I would like to hear more about your theory which you hinted towards...

Wim Borsboom said...

Hi Bharat,
My original simple insight was:
If our body with its immune system and its ability to heal its own physical system (except for say, regrowing lost limbs or healing diseases like advanced cancer) can and does heal itself, why would we humans not have a built-in mechanism or process that can heal our psychological, emotional and spiritual system.
After a discussion with my wife and my then still young son, I decided to start an experiment on myself...
The prediction of my theory was that a healing system of some sort - which I already intuited would be a process that in the East is called Kundalini - would kick in.
I wanted to find out if, when and how this process would kick in and how it would progress.

It took me 14 years to break-down (humans are quite resilient) by under- and overdoing things I was involved in as much I could... (BTW I did not do anything illegal)

The day Kundalini kicked in, I could hardly walk anymore, I had intense nerve, muscle back and neck pains and severe nervous ticks, my digestive system had gone totally awry and I could not sleep anymore... In short I had become immensely depressed.
Interesting though that I had been able to function quite well in society (financially as well) by eventually creating and holding on to a job that started as simple computer installer / computer instructor to becoming manager of the education department of a large local IT company.


By over-responding to pressure, a compulsion to please everybody, by outdoing others and taking on too much responsibility.
Good thing this company had a very good health plan, so when Kundalini struck (so to speak) I could devote as much time as was needed to let the process run its course.

It took altogether 1024 days (incidentally that is 1 day for each of the 1024 major nerves that coordinate out physical system) to complete.

I should also mention that at no time did I hamper the well-being of any of the people I lived and worked with.

My wife was an enormous help as she fully understood the stages I had to pass through... and to put it in common terms, there were many 'weird' things taking place throughout the process. Of course within the process it was all totally self-evident, even predictable, no weirdness at all... but things occurred that were definitely "out-of-this-world"

Anonymous said...

How can I ever thank you for informing me of things no one else did, and at a time when my chanting and study is focused on this.
I feel very certain that the soul creation subject, including other-dimensionalism, is a form of doplegangers, especially as explained by Burt Goldman. I have visions detailing this if ever any one is bored and willing to read more.---Farell

Edward said...

I was taught Kecharia nearly 40 years ago and have been practising the 'natural' way ever since.
It took about 3 months before I experienced any taste, and when it happened I was not even doing the technique.
Since then, I have experienced several types of nectar varying in texture from 'thin' to almost solid(ambrosia?) which have taken me into exstatic states beyond description.
The technique itself, even though I can't get my tongue all the way up, has been my best friend for all these years.
Just wanted share.
Bharat, many thanks for the article.


Anonymous said...

Hello! (corrected edit)

I am being put through spontaneous Kundalini Yoga and am doing very well with it. One thing though, in a forum post, an individual warns that if we are doing Kechari Mudra, and we taste bitterness, we should discontinue the mudra. i don't like warnings like this since it does not say why, nor discontinue for how long, or under what conditions to continue. it has some people on these forums very confused and frustrated.
I assume that if i were not supposed to be doing it, my tongue would no be taken there.
I don't want to interrupt my practice, but i also do not want to hurt myself....i am asking everyone that may be able to answer this for me.....

Thank you


Wim Borsboom said...

What I found is that such comments come from those who have not experienced authentic amrita or nectar flow and/or are copying warnings that they may have read or heard about.
To warn someone that way gives them a certain feeling of power, it is misguided...
It could of course be that someone may have gotten a temporary bacterial mucus infection that may have interfered with amrita flow. That can indeed taste bitter depending... but this has nothing to do with amrita itself.
I know of tantric practitioners who have not been careful enough with hygiene, of course that needs to be corrected... However, if your practice is hygienic enough (don't worry about normal mouth bacteria, even if you maintain a normal standard mouth hygiene a certain amount of balanced beneficial bacteria are always present) there should not be a reason for worry at all.
If something indicates an infection (which I don't assume you have), then of course get well soon and afterwards carry on practice as the process guides you.

Wim Borsboom said...

By the way, I have had colds with excessive mucus flow, but this never interfered with amrita... Of course not, they are two totally different processes.
In my case my tongue does not have to move up anymore, I believe, that eventually can be so with any practitioner... it is all very simple and normal...

Unknown said...

Hi Win,
Thanks for beautiful information. can you please describe in detail what steps you have taken and what you think (after an kundali awaken experience)steps Should be form beaning to end for the Kundali awakening.
Thanks and kind regards

Anonymous said...

Could some one pl help me with the bitter taste i get in my mouth when i TRY to practice the Khechari Mudra. Kindly advice

Wim Borsboom said...

Anonymous wondered about a bitter taste rather than a sweet taste in the mouth, when doing the Kechari Mudra...
The fluid that is produced by means of the Kechari Mudra is not bitter or sweet, rather, it is quite tasteless. It is actually the location where the liquid touches the 'taste buds' that certain olfactory and/or gustatory nerves are activated, they are usually the ones that report a 'sweet' taste or sensation, in your case it may be the 'bitter' reporting buds that get activated.
Your experience may be due to (a)the tilt of your head, (b) the position of the tip of your tongue,(c) a certain amount of stress in the soft palate above your uvula (d) improper vertebrae alignment.
You may want to see if you can do some work on your throat chakra (actually the nerves that emanate from the spine that energize the throat chakra's nervous plexus. (More on this lower down*.)
See if you can invoke/evoke the sensation/emotion of "sweet love" while breathing in lightly through the nose (with the mouth closed) while directing the incoming breath upward in the direction of the brain area just where the soft and hard palate areas meet.
* Study Table Three in:
especially vertebrae C1 to C7 and T1. In your case more specifically
C1, 2 and 3 (perhaps even C4)
Check stress levels in your shoulders as well, you may sometimes notice an increased sensitivity in one shoulder... If so, see if you can trace the source... usually from latent, undue parental, partner or strong associate pressure... (could even be a yoga teacher).

I would welcome your response...

M. Gorelik said...

Dear Wim,

How to contact you, what is your e-mail address?

Great wishes,
Monya Gorelik


Wim Borsboom said...


aditya agnihotri said...

Wim - Great info. A question - Are you a practicing Hindu / Sanatan Dharma, an atheist or an Abrahamic Christian?

suhail said...


Thanks for the article,

Can you mention some more details about the embodied soul/conception or direct me to where I may find more information about it.



Unknown said...

after this, can we survive without food or else what kind of food is preferable?

Katie Darling said...

I’ve been practicing this “nectar” technique for more than 40 years (wow - just figured it out). I was initiated into it by a teacher, and through practice got my tongue all the way up in about 2 years, I think. Most of my fellow devotees at the time didn’t practice quite so avidly and tired of the technique. When I run into them now, they don’t even remember it, so I do feel that it was worth my while to make the effort to - basically - stretch the tongue and focus my attention. I now find that it goes up spontaneously when I’m in my Oneness practice - which is - imperfectly - my whole life.

I shifted from an “upward push” in my 20s when I was a monk, to a re-emergence into “the world” and descent into the whole self, including body, emotions, relationships, shadow, karma, etc.After 12 years of daily hours of meditation urging my consciousness upwards into bliss, I came down radically aged around 30, and have been integrating ever since. Now at 64 I can feel the whole shebang going up together, in a more integrated kind of ascension. Transcend and include, as they say nowadays.

I’ve used kechari mudra along with inner breath as a way of navigating all parts of my experience. I don’t do much seated straight spine meditation now - my whole practice broke open long ago into a wavy movement practice; but I’m talking subtle movement, not groovy dance moves.

I’m posting here because I was just realizing this morning while working with a client that this technique of kechari mudra has given me an extraordinary advantage in a very challenged life. I am tasting the sweetness as I type this. So I googled it and here I am.

Thanks to you all, especially the site creator, for this great information that I am reading like sweet nectar candy.