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A Picture Essay
Kundalini, Tantra, Hatha Yoga, Prehistoric & Art Relationships

 *Svayambhu, Self-generated

Shiva Shakti
The unified and unifying dynamic of reconstructive and recreative kundalini energy.

Kundalini is all about
balance, integration and wholeness...
and if not that, then it is about
re-integration, restoration and reclamation...
...becoming again who we would have been
if we would not have been
 - inadvertently -
made to forget, early after our birth,
our originally intended wholeness.

Why does this come through as feeling so perfect?

Birth, Self-Generation and the symbolism of the Conch shell.
Etymology of the word "conch":
Aryan/Sanskrit/PIE root "konkho-"
Sanskrit: śankhá-, mussel.
Classical Greek: κόγχη (konche), mussel,shell
Latin: concha, mussel, shell.

There could be an etymological connection between the term 
kundalini ("coiled") and the spiral shape of certain shells, even snail shells.

Conch Symbols
Tibetan Conch, one of the eight (or seven) Tibetan Auspicious Symbols.

New Age Chakra Conch Shell Pendant

Vishnu's Conch

Ammonite - fossil, Jurassic/Cretaceous, 160 million years old.
Note the spiral turns in this fossil and 3.5 spiral reference in the opening quote of this article.
Recall that it is said that Kundalini, before it is 'awakened',
lies coiled and dormant at the base of the spine 3.5 times.

Expanding / Growing by itself
Self Originated? Hermaphrodite.

Geoduck - mussel like shellfish

"Meditator Seal from the Indus Valley Civilization"
Self Originating and Reconstructive Energy.
(Notice the snakes.)

This meditating figure is sometimes called
Pashupati - "Protector of the Cattle"
From the Indus Valley.

"Svayambhu Lingam".
(The bracelets on the arms are made from conch shells.)

Unfinished conch shell bracelets in an Indus Valley shell workshop, Gola Dhoro.

 Same as the Indus Valley seal above.
(Shell bracelets again!)

Again as above, Indus Valley seal.
Evidence of fertility symbolism.

Male Torso
Indus Valley, Harappan 2100-1750 BCE, New Delhi National Museum.
Red sandstone or jaspis, height 3 ¾ inch.
(The shade of red of the sculpture is an average of the above pictures.)

Indus Valley, Dancing Male Torso.
Harappan, grey stone.
(Notice the insert cavity for a lingam.)

Traditional Hatha Yoga depictions of the Muladhara or Root Chakra.
(Notice the erect lingam in the central triangle. The triangle symbolizes yoni or vagina.)

Sacral Chakra - Swadhisthana
Clairvoyantly seen. (Leadbeater)

The Svayambhu Linga,
"one which rose up and came into existence by itself"

Tibetan Svayambu Lingams

Svayambhu Amitabha

Yab Yum - Tibetan Tanka

Yab Yum - Tibetan Tanka

Detail Yab Yum Tanka

Something similar?

And why would Canova's "Eros and Psyche" not qualify for comparison?!

And is "Putti Love" not a similar expression?
Male/female congruence starting playfully!

Another intimate meeting of Psyche and Eros.
Spiritual and Physical Love in Embrace.

Kameshvara and Kameshvari
in the Soma Chakra.
(From "The Chakras" by Harish Johari.)


Shiva Shakti                                                Shiva Parvati

Overcoming Dualism
A contemporary depiction of Two-Oneness.


3D YinYang

Click the picture for a more readable illustration. 
(Image from the "Igniting Innovation" edition of 
The Braindancer Series of bookazines by Dilip Mukerjea

The Bilateral Brain
Yang (masculine)      Yin (feminine)

The bilateral brain's Corpus Callosum deep inside.

The two sides of the brain brought together in the Corpus Callosum.
Bilateral information merging - facilitating communication between the two hemispheres.

When our acculturated, so to speak, "masculine" and "feminine" characteristics merge,
the limitations and obstructions to a greater universal integration disappear
and unconditional universal love will reestablish itself.
keep moving your cursor over the graphic to rotate it

Kundalini is all about Balance, Integration and Wholeness,

and if not that,
then it is about
Re-integration, Restoration and Reclamation...

...becoming again
who we would have been
if we would not have been made to forget 
- inadvertently -
our originally intended wholeness
during the early moments of our birth.


John L. Murphy / "Fionnchú" said...

Lovely Tibetan yab yum thangka-- the same one graced the page on my blog that you found and kindly commented upon to lead me back here now.
Best wishes from down the Pacific coast, Wim.

Unknown said...

I was searching for information about yoga and found your blog interesting.

No doubt it has very good content and photos. Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Iam fascinated and confused by this. I know that there are aspects of Hinduism which celebrate enjoyment of sexual "bhogas" (Usually between a a man and a woman). But by and large Hindu mainstream establishments advise celibacy as a prerequisite for any kind of spiritual pursuit. Which message is correct?
Thank Wim for this very insightful and informative website. God bless Nima Soni

Wim Borsboom said...

Anonymous said: "But by and large Hindu mainstream establishments advise celibacy as a prerequisite for any kind of spiritual pursuit." Celibacy can be of temporary help to cleanse oneself of less appropriate sexual tendencies, but celibacy is by no means a 'sine qua non'. Like "real love" can only be full love when it is unconditional, so it is with real enlightenment and real liberation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wim, I just reread your comment again, "like "real love" can only be full love when it is unconditional." It just made sense to me after three years of posting above comment. A little more spiritual maturity and several experiences of deep spiritual bliss and merging in unconditional love,(which also included experiences of sexual connectedness, while being hundreds of miles away in physical distance, from my spirit guide/guru) Although extremely fulfilling, it was also a little confusing. I wondered if I had just imagined the oneness I felt. But your answer makes perfect sense, how can unconditional love exclude sexual, physical aspect.
Have I understood this correctly?
Much love and Many thanks. Nima

Wim Borsboom said...

Yes you did, Nima!

Did you also read the comment I just wrote a minute ago... about how we then 'from there proceed?
"Just today I was talking to a good friend of mine expressing that love on the sublime levels (shells really) does not contain any polarity.
Polarity (as typified in gender, sexuality, eroticism, physical organs, magnetism electricity, etc.) comes more from our habituated mental analysis in order to attempt to make sense on ALL THIS which we actually cannot (and do not have to) make sense of.
In any case from that limiting analysis we then also attempt to also project those hypothetical polarities onto the higher levels - into the higher spheres.
That is just a habit.
When amrita flows - the current of love (which unlike electrical current does not go from - to + or vice versa) - this 'dynamic' experiences and enjoys only holistic unity: nothing is lacking in anything, nothing is wanting or wanted, ALL is already unconditional and non-conditioned love.
Hmm... IF it is divided, it is not 'polarity-divided', rather it is divvied up into all and every unique unit from the smallest to the... largest which obviously IS all the smallest multi-dimensionally combined in love...
(Ha... there must be a 'love boson')

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wim for that confirmation. Yes, I also read the other comment. Very very helpful for my subject.
So does this mean that appearances of the physical body in this realm have nothing to do with the spiritual, astral connection? eg, entities of any age, gender, race, religious background, with nothing in common materially can still form a bond of unconditional love and experience merging together? Some people describe a oneness with the entire universe, eg. Jill Boltitaylor in her "My stroke of Insight" or Anita Moorjani in "Dying To be me". How do people find that without sudden "death" experiences?

When you have these experiences of oneness with a certain entity, do they make themselves available to experience it too? I would imagine you have to be ready to drop a lot of concepts and thought patterns on this path.

Wim Borsboom said...

Anonymous asked:

- "...does this mean that appearances of the physical body in this realm have nothing to do with the spiritual, astral connection?"

Ah no, those distinctions (however beautiful they may sound) are totally mind-produced, they are hypothetical constructs, even the sum of all those constructs cannot even represent the totality of what they intend to describe.
There is only ONE... which in YOUR wondrous case is uniquely represented by you - all inclusive, fully integral... if temporarily forgotten.

-" How do people find that without sudden [sic, I'm sure you meant 'near] "death" experiences?"

There is no doubt that NDEs 'hasten' the described realization; on the other hand, an NDE is not (as you probably by mistake wrote) "sudden", there is a whole life in front of it that leads into it.

When we during life the thoughts that society loads upon us without asking, the experience of oneness will sooner or later emerge... it might even sneak up on you.
(Please read the other three part comment.)

Also, no matter what, at any occurrence to anyone of what we call "death", a great surprise awaits the 'person in transition': if not experienced during what we call "life" it will be experienced subsequently. No exclusions...
As I said elsewhere the 'transitioning' person does not experience "death", what we call "death" is only what non-participating onlookers observe.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did mean Near Death Experience rather than 'sudden' death experience. In fact, now you mentioned it, I do remember an episode from my own childhood, which I suspect was something like an NDE. I was 3 when I hit my head on a rock and became unconscious when I saw blood. I was 'knocked out' for several hours, while the whole family rallied around and cared for me.
When I came to, however, I kept saying to everyone, 'But I have been awake the whole time!' The rest is like a closed door, as I try to remember but to no avail.... I am almost certain, I had a Near DEath Experience.. my mind keeps going back to that. I remember, I was not encouraged to talk about it at all. Since then my life has been miraculously spared a couple more times- that I know of. But no NDEs. Is it possible to forget an NDE? Is there a way we can remember it again? Also, do people who have to 'rehabilitate' or re intigrate in to life in some way, because NDEs hasten the realisation, which might be such a shock?

Also, on a similar matter, is it possible to feel you 'know someone' without actually knowing how you know them? I feel a very strong spiritual/unconditional love connection with this entity, whom I have also met in the physical presence. But I keep having very emotional reactions to his presence when I see him. I keep feeling I 'recognise' him from somewhere....But I have no idea how and where from. But this feels far deeper and stronger, beyond names and forms. Please explain why this is. Is there such a thing as 'soul mates' or 'twin flames'? ( don't mean romantically)

Thank you so much!

Wim Borsboom said...

. As to your question: "Is it possible to forget NDE's?"
Yes, but its after-effect does not disappear with the forgetting... You may remember moments of clarity and more outspoken self-awareness after incidents or accidents, and - in case of a childhood experiences - an increased concern about others or, in other words, 'loving kindness' - the maitreya kind...
In my case two memories came back as though I had never forgotten them.
. About recognition of certain people as though you have forever known them...
I know we like to speculate about that in terms of soul-mates, twin souls, or that it may be related to the notion of past lives...
Any human answer or explanation of this can only be less than the wonder of the recognition... I have learned not to need an explanation for it... just enjoy... a mutual thriving...
I must say though that the recognition is not always mutual.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wim. I do recognise.... although I donot know how.
I have a tandency to project a specific fear on people with certain type of appearances. This stops me from seeing them as they really are. This has caused me to mistakenly judge men of older appearances than myself. (I am no spring chick myself, by tge way.) I am sorry to say, I had this prejudice when I first saw you. However, somehow, inexplicably I was drawn to your message and able to ask for help and accept guidance despite this strong and completely baseless fear. I have found your selfless help invaluable and indispensible during this very confusing and fearful period.
It is strange. All guides and gurus converge and compliment each other. Eventhough outwardly they may even contradict. They all point to the main one(you deeply connect to),who in turn pushes you to move beyond his own beautiful, (even addictive)form. How amazing! Bloody heartbreaking though!