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Sweetnes, the mark of Kundalini

Eros discovering Psyche
Physical love discovering spiritual love. 
Click here for a meditational YouTube video on the butterfly: Psyche 

With Kundalini... look for, recognize... sweetness in all parts of your being and personality, physically as well as emotionally.
Not sugary, syrupy sweetness, that is not what is meant of course, but an energetic sweetness that you may have felt when you first fell in love with maybe a young girl or boyfriend... yes, even in puppy love:-)
Or the sweet, almost... horny, longer lasting mix of physical / emotional feelings.
Or the erotic feelings one recognizes in more adult experiences of intense love making.
Initially people recognize or remember that sweet strong energy only in or from one particular physical area of their body...
Women are luckier than men in that respect, being able to get lost in ecstasy easier and over a wider range of their body.

Eros and Psyche
Physical love and spiritual love embracing each-other

No matter what, it is an energetic sweetness that you are looking for, always first on the physical side. It is the ''feeling dynamic'' of that energy that is supposed to run our nervous system... all our various nervous plexi are supposed to be bathing in it.

Unfortunately (it's what usually ordinary life does to us) that energy usually gets dramatically disturbed, even shut down almost, in parts of our being, just like the impact of negative human endeavors on the earth's climate that affects the distribution of moisture throughout the earth's system negatively: flow of rivers, droughts, floods, forest fires, etc.

When Kundalini starts running its ''energy restorative processes'' through the body, it encounters remnants of ordinary life's blockages and disturbances and attempts to flush them away.
This may then result in the dramatic accounts that you hear from people. (I had plenty).
Not that one can or should bypass that, but rather than dwelling on the emotional drama (which is of course very OK for a while and rather interesting) when we understand the process, we can promote ''better working mechanics'', we can help the Kundalini process along a less treacherous path.
It's like hydro-dynamics.

The end result of the Kundalini process is that the original life energy (whatever that may be) permeates the whole being continuously, constantly, evenly, irreversibly and eventually unhurtably (cannot find the right word here). That energy is actually what we had one time as babies, but may have lost along the way by having been ''robbed'' of, or having gone through the ravages of in-humane encounters.

Kundalini restores in all kinds of ways, depending on the kind and amount of violation and hurt that we underwent.

But back to that energetic sweetness.
Once recognized, one can direct that sweetness as though it is a cloud or a spiraling energy throughout the body. Use your imagination and visualize what works best for you.

One is getting successful when one can reach as many parts of the body:
  • from the tip of the spine to the top of the cranium, and vice versa,
  • from head to toe and fingertips, and vice versa,
  • from left to right, and vice versa,
  • from the front to the back of the body across its full length, and vice versa.
Of course breathing, yoga, grounding exercises, intense ''yawning-and-stretching'', Qi exercises are excellent aids. But it is the sweetness one is looking for...

That is why the ancient yoga or spiritual literature always at some point talks about nectar, elixir, soma, ambrosia, mead, amrita.
When one can locate these energy sensations throughout ALL the various parts of the brain and simultaneously throughout the belly and chest area one is getting there.

Do you sing or hum?
Can you weep or sob?
That is good.
Do you dance, like belly-dancing on your own?
That would be good.

You do not have to expect the outrageous things that I went though. My early life was very difficult, that causes the healing to be a bit more dramatic.

You do not have to underrate the power of the mind, rationalization, (it did in fact work for me) as long as in addition you can be sad or happy or at times mindlessly crazy.
But always, even while you are sad, look for that certain sweetness (it is always there). There is actually nothing wrong with self-pity or sorrow. Al our normal human reactions have been so negatively judged and used against our selves, that we hardly dare to use any of them anymore and thus we expect that liberation has to strike us from nowhere... That is impossible of course.

Go with what you get, your own feelings. If they are packaged in judgements that come from others, discard the judgement and accept the feeling whatever it is. Even anger is OK, being fiery is, being over-enthused is, being rational is, being emotional is, being abject is, being bored is, being tired is... It is all good... 
It is the commentary that surrounds any of those sentiments from an non-compassionate world that is not useful.

We have all the tools, the toolbox, even the key (although seemingly hidden) to the locked up secrets to our freedom. We are allowed to use it all. 
The key (although possibly still under the doormat) still works, but there might still be rust in the lock.
  • That rust is the judgmental garbage, the refuse (the refuse that refused free existence) that crept into us, that seized and ceased us. 
  • The sweetness is the DW40 that dissolves that corrosion. (Don't you like the smell of that aromatic oil that DW40 is, like sweet almonds?!)
By the way, you will notice in these blog articles that I do not use words like "The Goddess", "Karma", "reincarnation" and the like, overly. Nothing wrong with them, but we may get into visualizations that may not fit you... I'm trying to bring it down to the more elementary feeling of energy, what our senses sense without cultural or spiritual embellishments... 

You will find your own... your own beauty... in all forms!

In the autobiography of Teresa of Avila (a Renaissance Italian monastic, 1515–1582) Teresa describes how her being was touched, impregnated even, by sweetness, an immense sweetness that brought her into the full liberation of human divine reality:

Ecstasy of St. Theresa
Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1647-52
Cornaro Chapel, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome

"The two central sculptural figures of the swooning nun and the angel with the spear derive from an episode described by Teresa of Avila (Wikipedia), a mystical cloistered Discalced Carmelite reformer and nun, in her autobiography, ‘The Life of Teresa of Jesus’, Chapter XXIX; Part 13." (Wikipedia)

She describes her experience of ecstasy in an encounter with an angel:
"I saw in his hand a long spear of gold, and at the iron's point there seemed to be a little fire. He appeared to me to be thrusting it at times into my heart, and to pierce my very entrails; when he drew it out, he seemed to draw them out also, and to leave me all on fire with a great love of God. The pain was so great, that it made me moan; and yet so surpassing was the sweetness of this excessive pain, that I could not wish to be rid of it. The soul is satisfied now with nothing less than God. The pain is not bodily, but spiritual; though the body has its share in it. It is a caressing of love so sweet which now takes place between the soul and God, that I pray God of His goodness to make him experience it who may think that I am lying."


Barry said...

I am here reading and absorbing. Liking you giving me permission to engage that power from the pelvis. I think you are courageous to wave the green flag in a general sense. I have always heard whisperings of the dangers of the kundalini rising if your not properly prepared, as if a formal purification process, and in the presence of a hand holding seer. When I worked on a psych unit one of the patients that seemed somewhat together - considering - told me, with his girlfriend concurring, that he admitted himself due to effects of kundalini rising. Nothing verified on that, just whisperings.

You seem to run the gamete of possible responses and say they are all good, go for it. To that I say what is to fear if the goal is this sweetness. Who knows I may already have it here and there. With courage I might turn up the volume. I am told I have lots of energy, maybe I can get an edge on all those Viagra poppers. That is taken for energy right.

I remember New Years, in Chicago, visiting my Mother and sister. some kind of eclipse (I think lunar) in bed for an hour or two. Pelvic rocking with a oscillating focus, (my case side to side.) The focus periodically changing here and there from navel to coccyx with variation of torso vibration - details details. No doubt I was vibrating and questioning were it was going.

Thanks again for the permission. It is like with permission and a slight relaxation and focus my body likes to oscillate. Down boy. Where is that spare restraining jacket. Just Kidding.

Wim Borsboom said...

Hi Barry

Barry you wrote:
"I remember New Years, in Chicago, visiting my Mother and sister. some kind of eclipse (I think lunar) in bed for an hour or two. Pelvic rocking with a oscillating focus, (my case side to side.) The focus periodically changing here and there from navel to coccyx with variation of torso vibration - details. No doubt I was vibrating and questioning were it was going."

This is very very interesting, last night and this morning (Jan 11/12, 2010) all over India (and myself in Canada) meditators and revellers celebrated Maha Shivaratri.
This festival happens once a year (Jan or Feb) the eve BEFORE new moon... (but on new moon is OK too)
A lunar eclipse (as in your memory) is the most perfect new moon.
The alignment of earth, moon and sun in a straight line causes a stronger gravitational pull than usual on anything liquid or plasmic, especially the seas and oceans, causing very high tides (spring tides). According to meditators (and of course VERIFIED by ?? :) it is the best time to meditate all night with your "very best aligned spine".
So of course, your experience was a natural response to the extra power of Shakti enervating your spine and various chakric areas.
There is more to this, but let's keep that for another comment.

No there is no REAL danger in Kundalini. BUT yes, during one of my early K. episodes I also committed myself to a psych ward... it was the safest place to be, I just made sure that the psychiatrist did not know, one nurse was aware though. At that point I did not want my wife to be exposed to some of the deepest (and for most people "crazy") experiences. I met another "Kundalite" there who was doing exactly the same. After five days I left, but only after I killed an inner demon... unbeknownst to the psychiatrist, who actually stood in for that demon :))

There is more to this of course, a strange but beautiful story actually (Of course old time religion - RC - was involved.)

If people need help on this I can assist.


Wim Borsboom said...

In respect to Kundalini and danger, the dangerous people are the ones who say that K. can be dangerous...
Like Gopi Krishna, they were probably not able to HONESTLY face and destroy (the illusiveness) of these inner demons...
Or they were afraid of the "demons" that told them (remember what I write about "Sentences" and "Sentencing") that it is dangerous to kill or destroy them.



Barry said...

This thing about - self - is so elusive and challenging. I have gathered that well wishers on the outside can be helpful but the real thrust is to take in the words of potential wisdom and try it on for size till the inner self is whole. Demonic helpers or Angelic, sometimes the demonic ones intention only sin is friendship. That is not so bad - imprisoned in friendship - forever lol

Sometimes I hear you say authentic self and ego self as a distinction between the real thing and this elusive controller of all that I am. What is strange is no matter how authentic I get or no mater what self I become me, my higher, my highest etc - my ego seems to claim that it is that self. What a mind trip. Enough about that.

I like the idea of being authentic and am willing to lose my self for the good of the whole yet - the whole has to let my sense of self stay on the surface to always test the water of the whole. Interesting eh how many ways my self wants to keep the narrative going. I like the fact the world at large has a way to speak to me to pull me into the thick of it. I totally trust that presence and it has nothing to do with my separate self. Authentically I want to know that self more and more.

You are kind to allow me to carry on. Your encouragements at large to your readers are appreciated. To think you are encouraging us to seek the sweet spot that has increased vibration, in every sense of the word, as a reward.

Wim Borsboom said...

Ah my dear Barry,

You wrote:
"What is strange is no matter how authentic I get or no matter what self I become me, my higher, my highest etc - my ego seems to claim that it is that self. [...] Enough about that."

Just leave it be Barry.

Or actually, even give that what you just termed "my ego" a generous "benefit of the doubt".

Love it like a mother loves her little baby, even when it was just a "little stinker".
Pick up that little ego after you just wiped its bum and put some baby oil on it and... kiss the little bugger :)...

Look in its mischievous eyes that smile back at you.
And you? Just smile heartily back... at... yourself!
Who knows, "you" might just be more authentic than the judgmental voice suggests you are.

Wim Borsboom said...

Barry, to repeat what you said before:
"What is strange is, no matter how authentic I get, or no matter what self I become: me, my higher, my highest, etc. - my ego seems to claim that it IS that self."

What you call my ego, Barry is actually not your ego at all! Rather, it is an inherited, passed down pseudo ego, passed down through the ages, (probably for some five or six thousand years).

The origin of such a "pseudo ego" is the Hebrew/Judeo/Christian notion of "inherited sin", which, rather than inherited, is clearly a "passed down" sin.

The word "sin" etymologically derives from the Latin "sine" which means "without" or "being short of". Sin has in origin nothing to do with "missing the mark"! Sinning is that what is done to someone, when his or her authentic and free self is being diminished, taken away from, or even: replaced by an artificial, dependent or enslaved non-self.
It is that what is done when someone's authentic self is being made to retreat, forced to go into hiding.
It is what Jesus considered the most heinous act that can be done to an innocent child. A crime that in his eyes (according to written tradition) was deemed punishable by drowning with a millstone around the sinner's neck.

Sinning in the sense of the Latin "sine" (without) - making someone go without, making someone short of something - is in effect stealing: the original meaning of sinning.

Stealing someone's sense of self though (making someone subservient, etc.) can never be really successful, it can only seem so. Although in the eyes of the perpetrator it might be the prefect crime.
If it were the perfect crime what chance would Bodhisattvas have?!
Everyone will at some point in their life regain their right to the freedom of self... even if for many it will only be during the last moments of their lives...
For more about that that please see:

Wim Borsboom said...

Freely quoted:
"...my ego seems to claim that it is the self..."

As to that "self judgment" in the above sentence, please remember from the various blog entries on "Sentences" and "Sentencing", e.g.:
that any judgment (even if it is inwardly heard) initially came from outside of yourself by means of a "sentencing" sentence passed by someone who was judging you - someone who had trouble accepting you (compassionately if needed) the way you were, as you were, whatever way that was.

After you took in that judgment or similar ones repeatedly, their words and voices became so stuck in you, that you eventually identified with them...
Eventually you identified those words as your own voice - a voice now forever telling you, especially when you are as authentic as you can be at any given moment, that you are not that what you are supposed to be.

So actually, the ego (which only SEEMS to be YOUR "I") does not come from you, it was the "I" (or ego) of that person or those people who passed judgmental sentences every time you were showing your authenticity - something they could not handle themselves as they themselves, when they were judged on their own authenticity early in their life, were also not accepted the way they were.

And so it is that what we call OUR ego is NOT ego at all... it is just a pushed-onto-us artificial notion.

No need to pay any attention to what "ego" comes up with...
Nothing will happen when one ignores its commendations. Just ignore and no thunder will strike.

Barry said...

For now what you say makes sense. That was so easy to say. Now time to meditate and let the battle of the selfs begin. Let's see who comes out on top. I hope my Authentic self wins. And if my ego claims to be my Authentic Self then I will let it, in fact if my ego wants to claim I am my highest self I will let it. I just wont let it get prideful. What I am I talking about now :) I better meditate.

Wim Borsboom said...

Right! And if somehow that word "prideful" (or something like it) still comes up while the "feeling sense-of-centredness" culminates, just lightly note it without any special attention.
No matter what, do not give the word any credence, shift away from it and focus the energy feeling of the "presence-of-self" on the non-verbal feeling of it.

Yes, awareness will be involved, but that awareness is not mind, it is acute clarity and focus.

When verbal things come up, when they are negative or judgmental just treat them like cheap dollar store post-it notes that someone stuck on your screen of vision but which you can afford to lose... They will lose their stickiness, curl up and fall away... No need to even pick them up.

When there are positive verbal things coming up, treat them like brand name post-it notes that you posted to yourself in order to be dealt with later, meaning: note them but inspect them later...
When you do, you will see that instead of pride they express a humble sort of proudness, instead of undue fierceness you will see an expression of gentle perseverance, etc. All this accompanied by a gratitude turned outward from your personal authentic core-of-self to the greater all-encompassing-SELF (Paratman)... and an at once gentle but solid "mutual exchange of grace and gratitude".

Barry said...

It has been a while since our back and forth. Much of my spiritual path has been on the side of compassion as I observe and research the workings of sages of old and new. The whole Kundalini thing is always of importance yet seemingly for the advanced. Many writings lead one to believe that, with your writings a refreshing variation. At my youthful age of 64 I am continuing my spiritual path with body intact. It is with courage I ask for flow.

I am a body worker and we know from most cultures dis-ease is from lack of it: flow. The pelvis has known that side to side and more recently is knowing that back and forth as you suggest. I am willing to be in my body with intensity abounding, my low back welcomes the wake up from a slight stuckness that I want to stay slight. I encourage my breath that is calm to also know the intensity. To allow the physiology of complex awakeness when the body does what it does to move things up. The yawn, the burp, the vomit, the sneeze. It knows the advantage to reverse the flow of gravity and when alerted from core messages to move what is in - up.

You know of the sweet taste and you know so much more. I know that our bodies have a way to go back to that which is wholesome and I will choose foods that will support it. What do I have to lose. My self :) my imprint that will only solidify in time. What do I have to Gain as Awareness approaches more then I can bare yet my training in allowing can take me the distance. To know dreams that can be both a joy and a nightmare -just maybe I can make headway into integrating an inner calm.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wim, I have been coming here to your blog for Kundlini guidance for a few years. At first it all seemed too strange and too straight forward, without any mystical overlays.I really believed that you HAVE TO leave sexual feelings and desires behind as you progress spiritually... how wrong I was! But this time around, I understood this word for word, through my own personal experiences, which are very enjoyable yet completely unexpected in the spiritual path. I needed to read this to know that I am not imagining the (extremely fulfilling ) sexual, blissful experiences of sweet unconditional love. Although, I must add,it feels as though, sexuality is an accepted part of the much greater, blissful, sublime merging. It did not require any kind of emotional or physical association with anyone, it felt more like a wholehearted subliminal ACCEPTANCE of who I was, rather than the main physical event. I did feel a little confused and embarrassed at the thought afterwards, that my be I imagined the experiences.
Reading your very informative blog gave me the confidence and confirmation I need to trust my inner feelings and allow myself to accept this as divine grace. Thank you

Wim Borsboom said...

Thank you anonymous

Yes: "...wholehearted subliminal ACCEPTANCE of who I was, rather than the main physical event."

Just today I was talking to a good friend of mine expressing that love on the sublime levels (shells really) does not contain any polarity.
Polarity (as typified in gender, sexuality, eroticism, physical organs, magnetism electricity, etc.) comes more from our habituated mental analysis in order to attempt to make sense on ALL THIS which we actually cannot (and do not have to) make sense of.
In any case from that limiting analysis we then also attempt to also project those hypothetical polarities onto the higher levels - into the higher spheres.
That is just a habit.
When amrita flows - the current of love (which unlike electrical current does not go from - to + or vice versa) - this 'dynamic' experiences and enjoys only holistic unity: nothing is lacking in anything, nothing is wanting or wanted, ALL is already unconditional and non-conditioned love.
Hmm... IF it is divided, it is not 'polarity-divided', rather it is divvied up into all and every unique unit from the smallest to the... largest which obviously IS all the smallest multi-dimensionally combined in love...
(Ha... there must be a 'love boson')

Anonymous said...

Thankyou soo much for this explanation Wim. It means a LOT to me. "Love Boson" I like that! The saying, "Love makes the world go around." Could that mean literally! Could love be the cause of these pools of spiraling matter/energy we see in nature/ universe, from tiny snail shell to Galaxies, how particles are held together to form shapes and bodies of matter? ( I read somewhere that the matter particles are held together by an unknown, unseen, unmeasurable field, without which they would not bind together to form shapes and bodies we see.)

You said, "dynamic' experiences and enjoys only holistic unity: nothing is lacking in anything, nothing is wanting or wanted, ALL is already unconditional and non-conditioned love." I wonder, could this be what causes people to become "renounciate" (monks/nuns). It is not so much that they are "giving up" Material posessions, but rather enjoying the dynamic unity of unconditional love by giving up the limited and the limiting.

You said, "In any case from that limiting analysis we then also attempt to also project those hypothetical polarities onto the higher levels - into the higher spheres.
That is just a habit." How can we stop projecting this?

I read somewhere that death is like "taking off a tight shoe." Is this what death feels like? to merge in love without boundaries? Can we have that while still in the body? If so, how?
Much love and gratitude.Thank you Wim.

Wim Borsboom said...

Part One

- You wrote: "Could love be the cause of these pools of spiraling matter/energy we see in nature/universe/"

Yes, what we experience as those finest of sentiments and sensations, which at the same time (as we will eventually find out) are also spiritually experienced - ergo the full all-encompassing experience that we call "love", is exactly the same as what essentially and physically (as in 'physics') is experienced - no, better yet - realized in and by ANY entity.
There are no entities (entities from the most physical, rarefied and minute to the most all-encompassing) that are 'de-natured' (of course not), nor are we humans in reality (even if many of us seem so) but the illusion of separation is so strong in us humans that we superficially experience ourselves and everything as 'de-natured separates' that are wanting, incomplete and in need of fulfillment.
And it is this illusive incompleteness that we project onto all-and-everything, below and up-above. Ha, we even created an illusive god who was so wanting that he had to create something out of a 'wanting nothing'.

That painful sense of separation is solely a human experience. (Let's not worry now how that came about, I have addressed that extensively in my "Free by Nature" blog.) However, the more we 'inspiredly naturalize' ourselves (ergo: reclaim who we really are) the more universal love is reclaimed, re-experienced and realized.
Then, at some point, it becomes clear that love is the glue (gluonic, bosonic) that keeps the fabric together while it -simultaneously- IS the fabric: that what connects is also what is connected - there is no difference between 'things' and the 'connectedness of things', even if in our human analytical, hypothesizing mind they seem distinguishable.

Wim Borsboom said...

Part Two

- "I wonder, could this be what causes people to become "renounciate" (monks/nuns)."

Renunciation can be an attitude of ANY form of social or singular living...
It is the renunciation of 'wanting' or 'having that which superficially fulfills our illusive wants', and thus anyone can be, as you say: "...enjoying the dynamic unity of unconditional love by giving up the limited and the limiting.".

- "...how can we stop projecting this?" [the 'projection of separation into polarities onto higher spheres']

It may be a strange answer, but I think that a kind of unrecognized blaming or fault-finding is involved - 'I versus Thou' and vice versa.
In a way we consciously or subconsciously know that our sense of incompleteness or inadequacy has been unduly and undeservedly transferred to us by others before us (parents, etc.) and around us (siblings, society) like an inherited passed-down 'sin'. ("Sin" here in the sense of "without-ness" as in "SINE qua non") but rather than being able to look for, find or recognize the original cause of that "I versus Thou" polarity as it historically took place *, we:

(a) the ones who consider themselves not to have been "born in sin", tend to treat the newborn as rather weak **. And, no matter what, sooner or later, a child is considered to be in need of 'education', or

(b) the religious ones, even those with the littlest of religious background, we project(ed) that cause onto an extrapolated imaginary being who 'punished' us already beforehand.

Of cause, any critical person knows that such cannot be so, but its historical traces still -insidiously- impregnate our not duly and fully updated paradigms.

The point I make in a number of my blog articles is that the real culprit (victimizer) always directs blame away from him/herself in order to go scot-free.
This is of course the western biblical version, but oriental versions carry the same portents: the initially hypothesized earthly polarities were projected to "up there" and are now seen as "from up there" and thus control and/or influence us "intrinsically here".

This hypothetical polarity sense has become so much part of our paradigm (even the scientific paradigm) that we take it as axiomatic, as though polarity / duality is a law of nature... which it is not according to Einstein's relativity formulas, etc. and a rather recent novel understanding of 'particle spin'.

Wim Borsboom said...

Part Three

-"How can we stop projecting this?"

One way or another we have to let go of any sense of pseudo-essential and pseudo-existential separateness and polarization, as to see the world in those terms is a habit... but we have to recognize first that it is an inherited habit...
How to let go of it?
Well, unthinking the thoughts that presume it.
Letting go of illusions based on it, any hypothetical assumptions however old they are and intrinsic they appear to be...

So yes... meditation... the 'emptying of mind' kind!

- "I read somewhere that death is like taking off a tight shoe."

Hmm... Only to an outsider who observes a death or a dying process it seems to end with an 'end', apparently nothing gradual about that last breath, so to speak.
BUT to the one undergoing what we call "death", it does not occur that way, actually a surprise will be experienced by anyone going through that transitioning process. That surprise is that unconditional love...
By the way, the first thing that actually dies is the brain because of lack of oxygen, and thus: that is also the death of any mental linear conclusions and limiting paradigms that we may have acquired.

- "Can we have that while still in the body? If so, how?"

Yes, "to merge in love without boundaries" somehow, one way or another, see if you can realize the points outlined above.
You might be surprised but thinking/realizing - the ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC kind - is actually allowed, it is the borrowed or inherited thoughts that got us denatured...
Just make sure the mental process does not involve linear, polarized and polarizing thinking.

* I described this partially in my short story "The Valley" - see the "Free by Nature" blog for that story but also for other articles that trace this "passed down sense of in-adequateness".

** An infant is strong enough to take on anything unconditionally, even strong enough to compensate for unfortunate conditions.

Anonymous said...

Wim, I have read your beautiful autobiographical story " The Valley" Many times. I have also ordered and read your book Free By Nature. I have many favourite quotes, but my most favourite is "Freedom is to be Free IN all situations, not FROM Any of them." I am at a stage where I see self negative, judgemental thoughts, projections and my coloured perceptions, (inherited ofcourse!) arise less often, and see them in clear light of day, where they usually vanish.

I am surprised at what you said:"....thinking/realizing - the ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC kind - is actually allowed, it is the borrowed or inherited thoughts that got us denatured..." as I find thoughts are like buzzing bees.. distractions!

But Most of the time, my mind just goes to this beautiful blank state...I am now learning to seek inner guidance to know whether to act and how to act in a given situations, as I have less and less automatic reactions. But it also means that I often feel lost, very emotional, (joyful or just tears of deep love and gratitude.) and mostly just lack desire to do anything at all, but when I Do something, it is my very best focus, eg. cooking or gardening)( as I enjoy this immense blissful sensations in my head. Even to write this, I had to consciously THINK, as there were no thoughts! There is such a reluctance to switch to "function mode" if you like. Do we then cultivate the Original "authentic kind of thinking" consciously, with gradual mind training and Meditation? It is very hard to have a routine of Meditation or yoga at the moment. Even interactions with adults are limited as I find it draining to cope with for longer periods. Will this change so I can go to work as many people do after such experiences.

AS for that sweetness you describe so beautiful, in the above article, yes, it is absolutely amazing, you just feel like melting in it like a sugarlump in a glass of warm milk.... take my ego.. take everything... just let me merge in you... let me stay.. let me say.. let me stay here IN you... AS you..MY beloved.

Om Shanti. With Much love and gratitude.

Wim Borsboom said...

My appraisal of "authentic thinking" comes a a surprise to most who are in the process of reclaiming their original self and presence... Your use of the "function mode", however reluctant, shows a certain need for it in the world the way it happens to be... May compassion for the 'world as is' alleviate that reluctance...

Anonymous said...

After having been " thrown out" of the place where I feel most at home on the physical plane, I returned home in the most surreal state. It is so amazing here!, (in my head) there is nothing! And nothing to do,(which I "do" quite often! ;) yet nothing is left undone! Let the grey hair grow out, let the. neighbours comment"she hasn't been to work again.... Hansen' t come out of the house for ages.... weeks! Inhibitions, judgments and self-judgements come and go. But inside I am happy, content, expanding, imploding - within myself! I am connected, so blissful, so cool! Who needs a WiFi! I am connected 24/7 and it's free! I'm free!

Places of worship, icons and rituals, are all to help me connect to this place within me.... had I not been " thrown out" of that beautiful ashram, I never would have learnt to look inside, find it Within! Mysterious, how "God" works! Weens you off the images of himself, so you find the imageless.

Your messages have been so incredibly accurate along the way, I can Not thank you enough. Bless you Wim. Hope your book tour is a great success. Much love.om shanti Xxx